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Interactive Recordable Pocket Chart

Product Code: TTIT10003
This Interactive Recordable Pocket Chart is the perfect cross-curricular tool and can be used indoors and outdoors! Record a 30-second message for each of the 30 pockets. To record, simply press the green button by the pocket and speak into the black box at the top of the chart. Flick the switch on the box from record to play and press the green button to playback the message. Ideal to use for learning the alphabet or phonics, introducing or learning about class members, sight words, basic facts, learning shape attributes, practising times tables and so much more.

  • 30 pockets for cards, objects or drawings

  • Each pocket can record up to 30 seconds

  • Easy-to-use for children

  • 53cm (W), 65cm (L)

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