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Spaghetti String

Product Code: EC544
Spaghetti string, so named due to its long pliable shape, is a PVC tubing used for threading activities and craft projects. Spaghetti string is the go to choice for stringing items using pony beads.

EC639 - EC647

  • 1mm x 60mtr PVC tubing

  • Available in 9 colours:

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I'm not sure I'll ever run out!Review by Bevin
I'm not sure what there is to say about this really. It's a really long roll of plastic string to use with pony beads. It's awesome, we got the Glitter Sea Blue which is a transparent blue with sparkley silver bits in it. My boys think it's brilliant and so do their friends. We use it with our neon pony beads ( and alphabet pony beads ( Who needs Karen Walker when you've got a 5yo and a 3yo making you fabulous creations every week! (Posted on 24/08/2015)

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