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Creative Classrooms is a New Zealand owned and operated one stop online shop with an extensive and ever expanding range of educational suppliers and classroom resources. Anyone can buy online our colourful, durable and exciting products are child and teacher inspired with an emphasis on fun and interactive learning. We offer Preschool teaching resources for Early Childhood education and products for the primary school sector. Our vast selection includes an array of Maori teaching resources, Maths resources and workbooks, Literacy and Science products along with our extensive range of school supplies for teachers, classrooms and home schoolers. All of our products are carefully selected to ensure affordability, durability, suitability and the ability to motivate while having fun.

An Aladdin’s cave of glitter, ribbons, pom-poms, modelling clay, felt shapes, markers, chalk, paint, dye, fabric … the list goes on and on with such an extensive selection. We also have plenty of products for specific projects and activities including masks, dolly pegs, craft sticks, pony beads, buttons and canvases, along with the essentials such as school paints, scissors, brushes, drying racks, and paint accessories.

Classroom organisation and planning is essential for a stable learning environment. Orderliness relieves stress with good classroom and teacher resources at its core. Storage facilities, quality writing tools and superior stationery all assist with the seamless running of classroom routines and organisation.We can supply you with all the necessary items to build a strong foundation on which to establish a smooth functioning and colourful classroom.

Raising self-esteem and reinforcing positive behaviour and mindsets can’t be over emphasised. There are numerous ways to do this with a raft of incentives available. Stickers have always a popoular reward and still remains a favourite with students and teachers. We also have a large selection of Personalised Stickers and Stamps which add a new element of personalisation. Our range of Maori stickers and certificates are top sellers along with the hundreds of stinky, sparkle, spot, reward and seal stickers to suit your specific needs.

Decoratives decorate classrooms and educate too. Many of our trimmers, posters, charts and banners promote positive mind-sets, cultural diversity and learning awareness. Decoratives stimulate with their colourful illustrations, they excite and they frequently prompt meaningful questions and discussions. Use decoratives to invigorate classrooms and other work environments.

Educational games allow students to become actively engaged in their learning. Games are a friendly, fun way to increase knowledge, improve attention, learn to cooperate and control competitiveness. Our range of games include literacy and numeracy learning, reading and English games. We also stock classic games like Snakes & Ladders, Jenga, Connect Four and Bingo. Playing games decreases stress, improves memory and frequently involves team work. “Play is our brains favourite way of learning”.

Creative Classrooms recognises and values the enormous effort educators put into building a solid foundation for the future generations. Let us help you by providing top quality educational resources and motivational material for classroom and home use. Our aim is to provide affordable, durable teaching tools that energise teaching environments, making learning fun!