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  1. Wooden Scale
    Ages 3+
    $79.90 $91.89
  2. Puddles Adventures Outdoors Activity Cards
    Set of 30 cards
    Now $18.62 $21.41 Was $25.19
  3. Wind Adventures Outdoors Activty Cards
    Set of 30 cards
    Now $18.62 $21.41 Was $25.19
  4. STEM Sink or Float Activity Set
    Ages 5+
    Now $39.02 $44.87 Was $52.79
  5. Magnetic Wands
    Set of 24
    $84.50 $97.18
  6. Animals of Aotearoa Book
    Ages 4+
    $34.90 $40.14
  7. Shining Stars Projector
    Ages 3+
    $23.90 $27.49
  8. Primary Microscope
    Ages 6+
    $47.90 $55.09
  9. Eye Droppers - Set of 12
    Set of 12
    $5.50 $6.33
    Out of stock
  10. Asia Pacific Region Map
    69.5 x 49.5cm
    $6.90 $7.94
  11. Rainbow Viewers - Pack of 6
    6 per pack
    $49.90 $57.39
  12. Woodland Whimsey Tree Bulletin Board
    50 piece set
    $27.90 $32.09
  13. Acrylic Life Cycle Specimens - Set of 4
    Set of 4
    $58.90 $67.74

Items 1-24 of 120

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School Supplies Catalogue  Click here to download a PDF copy of the Science section of our catalogue

We at Creative Classrooms have expanded our exciting and interesting range of science resources that will aid in the study of this marvelous planet and beyond that we live in. Study of science at schools has increased over the last several years. Science fairs and experiments have been a common place in schools. Play develops inquiring minds and we want to help you, the educator, to find and foster those, Einsteins, Newtons and Rutherfords in your classroom. We have great resources and teaching supplies for the kid scientist. Tools that assist observation and exploration while our older children scientists will have fun interacting with models, microscopes and magnetic charts. We haven’t forgotten the educators and teachers, so check out our thought provoking posters and charts. STEM is an educational program that helps children in primary and secondary schools prepare for college and graduate study in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This year we have done are research and have increased our range of technology resources for teachers. Look for even more educational products added through out the school year.

The study of science involves investigation, communication, participation, contribution and understanding the universe as a whole. The NZ school curriculum breaks science into five main areas:

  • The nature of science: which studies the knowledge of scientific processes, the living world which looks at the diversity of living things.
  • The living world: which looks at the diversity of living things.
  • Planets and beyond: deals with topics such as the earth science and interacting systems.
  • The physical world: explores everyday physical phenomena.
  • Material world: involves the understanding of properties and structure of matter.