Our story

Founded in a small town called Levin, NZ in 1986, Creative Classrooms first premises were run out of a spare bedroom and part of the garage. We’ve been growing ever since then. We are very proud to be a New Zealand owned and operated company (now in a much larger premises!).

Creative Classrooms is a pioneer company, supplying affordable, durable and exciting teaching resources to New Zealand educators. Our legacy of offering a wide array of products, created and tested by teachers to enhance a child’s learning potential at school and at home continues to this day.

We are committed, as always, to providing New Zealand teachers and schools excellent products, unmatched service and incredibly fast delivery.

Causes we support

Though there are hundreds of charities who fully deserve donations, these are three charities who are special to us.


Greenpeace: Greenpeace has been campaigning against environmental degradation since 1971. They work tirelessly to change attitudes and behaviour, and protect and conserve the environment and promote peace.

Greenpeace relies solely on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants. To donate please click here: DONATE

SPCA New Zealand

SPCA: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been a voice for animal welfare for over 127 years. Their mission is to encourage the humane treatment of all animals and to prevent cruelty being inflicted upon them, along with providing educational programmes to teach compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals.

If you wish to donate please click here: DONATE

Starship Children's Hospital

Starship Children’s Hospital: Starship is a dedicated paediatric healthcare service and major teaching centre based in Auckland. They provide family centred care to children and young people throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Starship aims to enable every family in New Zealand access to world leading child healthcare and experiences. To donate please click here: DONATE