Outdoor Play

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  1. Heavy Duty Multi Shovel
    70cm (L)
    $13.90 $15.99
  2. Digger
    90cm (H)
    $264.90 $304.64
  3. Step Trike
    Now $308.72 (excl. gst) $355.03 Was $443.79
  4. Balance Bike - "Walker"
    Now $220.72 (excl. gst) $253.83 Was $317.29
  5. Scooter - Small
    Now $203.92 (excl. gst) $234.51 Was $293.14
  6. Scooter - "Bengy"
    Now $229.20 (excl. gst) $263.58 Was $329.48
  7. Bamboo Channel
    18 pieces
    $86.50 $99.48
  8. Walking Stilts
    15cm (H)
    $16.90 $19.44
    Out of stock
  9. Summer Skis
    Size 89 x 9cm
    $64.50 $74.18
  10. Throwing Game
    Board diameter 50cm
    $79.90 $91.89
  11. Letter Link Crabs
    Ages 2 & up
    $39.90 $45.89
  12. Measuring Cups
    Set of 4 cups
    $6.50 $7.48
    Out of stock
  13. Giant Catch Net
    $179.50 $206.43
  14. Target Maths - Pack of 3
    3 boards
    $36.90 $42.44
  15. Rainbow Parachute - 8 handles
    Size 1.8m
    $38.90 $44.74
  16. Pop-Up Rainbow Circus Tent
    1.37m high
    $84.90 $97.64
  17. Playground Storage Cage
    Size 1.17m  x 75cm x 89cm
    $494.50 $568.68

Items 49-72 of 104

per page

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The importance of learning through play can't be overstated. In fact way back in the first century Plato (the Greek philosopher) believed "you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation". We at Creative Classrooms see play as being critical to a child's social, physical, intellectual and emotional development and well being. That's why we have a great range of teaching supplies for early childhood learning centres, kindergartens and playcentres. Active play sets the scene for adulthood by providing a platform of skills and knowledge that can be drawn upon in order to successfully negotiate life's thoroughfares.

Children have need for physical exercise and activity especially essential for gross motor development. As a result toys for outdoor play tend to be larger and require plenty of room for manoeuvring that is not generally available indoors. Most playgrounds are well equipped with suitable fixtures. Sandpits, water troughs, cycling and throwing are all outdoor play activities that kids adore. Apart from which there is still a need for daily sunlight exposure and fresh air which is invigorating.