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Action English Workbook 4 - Year 6

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Based on the New Zealand English Curriculum, best-selling ‘Action English’ workbook series equips students with a user-friendly, effective and affordable written language resource for use in both the classroom and as homework. Each workbook contains 120 pages of interesting activities and the books are lavishly illustrated with drawings, diagrams, photos and fun superhero-themed cartoons.

A full range of core literacy skills is covered with a careful and sequential development in the following skills areas : Word Classes, Written Language, Punctuation, Dictionary Skills, Spelling, Language Skills, Reading and Research.

The workbooks have instruction boxes and worked examples on almost every page to help students with independent study and also enables parents to become effective ‘home-teachers’. At the beginning of each chapter students will find a ‘chapter overview’ page which signposts the topics to be covered and at the end of each chapter there is a revision test. A full set of answers is placed in the middle of the book and if you wish, these can easily be removed using the perforations down the edge of these pages.

  • Year 6

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