Early Years Skills Development

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  1. 50 Shape Activities -50%
    50 Shape Activities
    50 double-sided activity cards
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  2. Rainbow Learning Xylophone -50%
    Rainbow Learning Xylophone
    Measures 33cm
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  3. How Tall Am I? Mirror -50%
    How Tall Am I? Mirror
    900 x 300 x 3mm
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  4. Colours Samoan Bilingual Chart -50%
    Colours Samoan Bilingual Chart
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4 Items

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New Zealand early childhood educators encourage a holistic approach which encompasses, child, teacher, parent and family as being facilitators in the development of early learning. There are four foundations which are building blocks for our early learners. They are:

  • Empowerment – whakamana in which children are invited to participate through play and develop responsibility, self worth, confidence and enjoyment.
  • Holistic development – kotahitanga which includes tasks and routines, open-ended play and exploration
  • Family and Community – Whanau tongata where the interdependent well being of a child is supported
  • Relationships – nga hononga where a child learns by interaction with others.

Play is a common thread by which all of these building blocks are strengthened. Creative Classrooms provides resources for early childhood education and learning that develop skills, require judgement, decisions and self expression. Young learners are able to build on their own experiences, interact with others and increase their knowledge and confidence while having fun with equipment designed to facilitate growing minds.