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School Supplies Catalogue  Click here to download a PDF copy of the Te Reo Maori section of our catalogue

Recognising and embracing our unique culture is becoming increasingly important in today's schools. The benefits of learning Te Reo Maori has been more evident in the past 40 years due to social changes and migration. By having cultural understanding we can secure the future of the rich, living language of the Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori, both essential components of this country's heritage. Along with the English language they are the identify of all New Zealanders. We are able to provide schools with resources in both Maori and bilingual formats. We have vocabulary charts for common animals, days, maths, greetings, actions, family, numbers etc.

Te reo Maori language plays a huge role in the culture and identity of New Zealand. It is an official language and the second most spoken laguange of New Zealand. Through our te reo Maori school resources we hope to play our part in revitalising the Maori language and support its development in schools. Here you'll find an array of teacher resources to teach Maori numbers, alphabet and colours as well as many other everyday common terms.

Other excellent resources are the singalong books and easy Te Reo maori activity books, educational games, Discover NZ and quiz games. We also have stickers ready printed or those that can be personalised. Classroom decoratives include the NZ silver fern trimmers along with several traditional Maori Kowhaiwhai designs and tapa cloth pattern.