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If you are searching for top quality leracy products look no further. Creative Classrooms caters for readers from early childhood through to senior primary pupils with a range of innovative and exciting teaching tools and activities. Many of our resources are also suitable for ESOL children and children with special needs. Our oral language products include a number recording and listening devices that can be used individually or in small group situations. Speaking and listening buttons are a fun way to record up to 30 seconds of oral language as are speech cards and bubbles.

Visual language tools range fom books that include the Jolly Phonics range, charts, cards and potry packs through to more tactile equipment like dominoes, reading cubes, magnetic letters and reading games. Many of our games and charts deal with specifics such as homophones, ending blends, word familys and punctuation.

To help hone written language skills take a look at the selection of bulletin boards sets and charts that deal with writing traits and modes, literacy genres and list of descriptive words and synonmys. Make learning to read and write fun with any of Creative Classrooms fantastic teacher tools.