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  1. Push & Pop Bubble Ten Frames New
    Push & Pop Bubble Ten Frames
    6 bubble boards
    $18.90 $21.74
  2. Magnetic Cuisenaire Rods New
    Foam Cuisenaire Rods Set
    Set of 74 rods
    $16.90 $19.44
  3. Neighbourhood Wheels Counters New
    Neighbourhood Wheels Counters
    Set of 72 counters
    $38.90 $44.74
  4. Blank Foam Dice - Pack of 4 New
    Blank Foam Dice - Pack of 4
    Size 5cm
    $18.90 $21.74
  5. Maths Swatters! Addition and Subtraction Game New
    Maths Swatters! Addition and Subtraction Game
    1-4 players
    $26.90 $30.94
  6. Frog Pond Fractions Game New
    Frog Pond Fractions Game
    Ages 5+
    $24.90 $28.64
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6 Items

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It's as easy as 1,2,3 when you are looking for an innovative way to reinforce mathematical concepts to children in schools. Kids grasp new ideas easily with interactive math games and activities. For those products that deal with geometric principals look at the folding shapes and solid wooden sets we have in stock. Also check out the excellent maths wall charts that clearly explain volume, are & perimeters. Under the umbrella of measurement are demonstration and teacher time clocks, electronic and manual timers, bulletin boards and growth charts, and lots of school weight and measuring tools for capacity, temperature, length and ICT resources.

In the numeracy resources section you'll find lots of teaching materials like dice, counters and floor math games. We even have large stickers that adhere easily to the inside of note boards for ready reference of multiplication tables and 10-100 charts. Fractions and percentages are made easy when children can assemble parts to form a whole.

If wall space is limited take a peek at the mini bulletin board sets of place value, multiplication, subtraction, etc.