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Spelling Rules! Workbook 6

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This second edition Spelling Rules series is a whole-school spelling programme based on sound learning theory and pedagogy. It is different to other workbook series because it teaches students strategies that move spelling from working memory into long-term memory - making spelling stick! These forms of knowledge include:

  • Kinaesthetic – the physical feeling when saying sounds

  • Phonological – the sound of spelling

  • Visual – the look and patterns of spelling

  • Morphemic – the meaning of words or parts of words

  • Etymological – the history of words

  • Other features include: double-page units providing a full week’s work, learning focus clearly labelled in each unit, revision units

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Great WorkbookReview by Liz
This is an interesting well set out workbook that is easy for the student to follow and each has a manageable number of exercises, which can be completed independently (Posted on 18/08/2016)

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