Targeting Phonics Book 2

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The ability to decode and encode words efficiently underpins success with reading and writing. Phonics helps children decode words for reading and encode words for spelling. This book includes a short revision of the 26 letters covered in Book 1, then students learn:
  • The long vowel sounds a, e, i, o and u, and different ways of spelling them
  • The consonant digraphs sh, ch, th (voiced and unvoiced), ph, ng and wh/li>
  • About using the letters c and k when spelling words with the hard c sound
  • About the soft c and soft g sounds
  • That the digraph oo can be used to represent both a long vowel sound and a short vowel sound
  • That the letter s can be used to represent different sounds
  • Each unit includes a pictorial sound card with an audio component, that lets children hear each sound pronounced correctly before they complete the activities, QR code that links to the video of each sound, handwriting activity for reinforcing muscle memory to remember each letter and encourage fluent handwriting skills, review pages follow each unit with activities covering comprehension, spelling and high frequency words
  • The back section of this book provides assessment for all the letters and sounds, word Lists for each unit, high frequency sight word cards that can be photocopied and laminated as flashcards, and answers
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