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  1. Maori Pattern Stars Personalised Stickers New
    Maori Pattern Stars Personalised Stickers
    70 large stickers
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In todays schools, where classroom rolls reach thirty children and upwards, being up close and personal to children has become increasingly difficult. In many of our schools children work in fluid groups, moving between groups, classrooms and teachers. When you want your mark to be noticed try using personalised stickers or awards. We can print your message on either a selected design or one of your own. That way kids know you specifically care and recognise their progress and achievements. Our services is fast and sleek with a choice of over forty pre-designed images.

One of the many advantages of personalising stickers and awards is that you can print exactly the message you want to convey. Personalised stickers are fantastic when you need school logos printed, which show support for special projects and want to add some personality to correspondence or use as an eye-catching promotional tool.