Wooden Treasures Set - Pack of 168

Ages 3+
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This set of smooth wooden treasures is designed to stimulate imagination, creativity, logic and fine motor skills. Use to create pictures and designs, sort, sequence, count or pattern. A beautiful smooth textural resource that has been inspired by nature. Shapes include cones, droplets, jewel, toggles, acorns, boulders, nelsons, egglets, pickles, tokens, hoops, planets, mushrooms and stones.
  • Pack of 168
  • 12 x 14 treasures (4 in each shade)
  • Size approx 3.5-4cm
  • Includes cotton storage bag
  • Each colour symbolises emotional characteristics and the senses - Red = strength, energy, love; Orange = creativity, self-awareness, transformation; Yellow = wisdom, learning, happiness; Green = physical healing, nature, caring; Blue = emotional healing, calm, inner peace; Purple = spirituality; Brown = stability, comfort
  • Ages 3+
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